Client Testimonials

My name is Colleen. In 10 months, I lost 134 pounds and 82 inches.

My husband’s Orthopaedic Surgeon recommended we try a diet at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center, if we were serious about losing weight. He said it was a great program and that it would be the last diet we would ever need (like we hadn’t heard that before)!

In February 2014, we attended an Open House at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center in Clarence to hear what the program was all about. That open house changed my life.

At that time, my joints hurt, my clothes didn’t fit and all I wanted to wear were sweat pants. I was short of breath doing minimal exercise, like my job, as a nurse! I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure – I had HAD ENOUGH! I listened, I signed up.

On March 6, 2014, I started my weight loss journey weighing 294 pounds. Now, 10 months later, I weigh 160 pounds, I wear a size 10 and only wear sweats at the gym. I feel great! I no longer have joint pain, I have energy I haven’t had in 30 years and I am off my Cholesterol and Blood Pressure meds!

The diet was easy to follow. There was a great variety of foods and recipes. What helped to stay with the program and stay motivated was the weight loss I saw each week along with the inches coming off. I’m talking 2-5 pounds per week, not just a half a pound here and there!

Did my husband every lose weight? Initially, he didn’t think the diet was for him, but as he saw how great I was doing and how fantastic I felt, he started at The Ideal You just before Memorial Day 2014 and by Labor Day 2014 he reached his “ideal weight!”

We both feel fantastic. We are back to riding bikes, kayaking, and this winter we are going skiing again.

This was our last diet. The results you’ll see will keep you going and the way you’ll feel will keep you there. Thank you to The Ideal You Weight Loss Center!

Until family members pointed it out to me, I honestly did not know I was so out of shape.  I started my weight loss journey when I realized my poor physical health and mental health were viciously affecting each other and spiraling downwards.  

When I was told about the Ideal Protein diet, I was skeptical since I could not imagine limiting the variety and quantity of my food intake.  In particular, “carbs” were my addiction and source of comfort, and I worried that I would fail because I’d be craving them.  However, with the support of loved ones and Donna, I gave the diet a try.

The first week was tough since my body was going through withdrawal. However, by the second week, things were much better, and I began to feel changes in my energy level, mood, and mental alertness, which have continued to this day.  

Since the beginning, I have been enjoying the food and feel satisfied after consuming it.  I no longer have those uncontrollable cravings for sugar.  I surprisingly have found the protocol to be very compatible with my lifestyle.  It’s easy to take on the go or eat at home. In addition, I enjoy eating my lean protein at dinner with my family.

In 5 months (and over the holidays!) I have lost approximately 70lbs and over 48 inches, and I’m still going strong!  I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal, but I know that with Donna’s invaluable support as well as the support of my loved ones, I will get there soon.

I highly recommend The Ideal You Weight Loss Center for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves, both internally and externally.

– Caroline R.

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